Family law often involves strong emotions and an overwhelming amount of legal steps when navigating the law on your own.  It is our goal to work with you to achieve a plan that is best for you and your family’s needs with the compassion and clarity you deserve.  Our areas of Family Law focus on divorce, child custody and support, property, visitation rights, alimony, modification, and contempt.  Let our experience guide you through your case so you don’t have to go at it alone.


No single two divorce cases are alike.  We specialize in family law and divorce, striving to find the best possible resolution for your unique situation.  Divorce proceedings can be an emotional roller-coaster for all involved parties.  Our experience and guidance will help you understand your rights, gain clarity on issues and solutions, and build a resolution that is best for you.


Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce is applicable when both parties can agree on all issues and aspects of the Separation Agreement.  Our experience and legal knowledge can help you understand both short-term and long-term issues that may have an impact on your future, while working to polish the final agreement.


Property Division

When an amicable decision can’t be met, we guide you through the equitable division of property as advocates for your rights.  Our reliable representation has your best interests in mind and works to ensure a solution is fair and just.  We’ll protect your financial interests, whether small or high-value, with a sophisticated strategy.


Child Support

Working for your children’s’ best interests are our utmost goals.  We offer unparalleled compassion to ensure you, and your family, are secure financially and receive the support you deserve.  Every unique case is treated with dedicated determination in order to ensure your children’s legal rights to support are being met.



Custody disputes can be overwhelming and highly emotional as parents seek to maintain a strong bond with their child.  We work diligently to maintain your parental rights with the visitation and custody orders you need in order to protect those rights while ensuring the well-being of your child or children are our priority.



Clients going through a divorce rely on us to help them leave the marriage in the most financially secure means possible based on their situation.  Our experience and guidance offers individuals a strong representation throughout the alimony dispute to ensure the best outcome for their circumstances.



We understand situations change necessitating the need to file a Complaint for Modification.  Legal representation can ensure your needs are met in response to changing circumstances.  Substantial changes have the ability to impact the existing judgement and require modifications to protect you and your rights.



When filing a Complaint for Contempt, or if you are being held in contempt, it is often necessary to have the legal knowledge and experience of a Family Law attorney.  We work hard to ensure our clients have the guidance and resources to successfully file or defend themselves in a case of contempt. 



Specializing in Family Law, we have experience assisting clients with the planning of their wills and estates. We can help you understand the nature of your estate and assets and create a will that takes care of you and your loved ones.