How can I stop harassing phone calls?

Creditors have to follow strict rules when attempting to collect debt.  If you think creditors are being too aggressive, we can turn the tables on them.

What do I need to know about harassing phone calls from creditors?

The Fair Debt Collection Act protects you against harassing phone calls.  Working with a competent Debt Assistance and Bankruptcy lawyer in Massachusetts can put a stop to these calls.

Can a creditor call my family?

Because of the Fair Debt Collection Act, creditors may never talk with anyone other than you about your debt obligations.  They can reach out in attempt to find ways of contacting you, however.  Contact an attorney immediately in this situation.

How can I avoid harassing phone calls?

An overall debt solution is often necessary.  We can discuss debt negotiation issues, act as a negotiator between you and the collection agency, or look into bankruptcy options in an attempt to restructure or eliminate your debt.