How can an attorney help with credit card debt?

A knowledgeable attorney who specializes in Debt Assistance and Bankruptcy can help you negotiate lower monthly payments that are within reason.   We can look into flat fee payments or reduced payments based on your income and individual situation.

Should I file for bankruptcy?

If you are experiencing credit card debt, bankruptcy may be a solution.  Depending on your income, it could wipe out the debt.  Keep in mind that there are other avenues to explore in order to manage credit card debt.

Can you stop the harassing phone calls?

Yes.  There are a number of legal ways to make sure the creditors don’t call you at work, late at night, and sometimes even at all.

Can the credit card company garnish my wages?

If a credit card company issues a lawsuit against you they can garnish a substantial amount of your wages until paid in full.  Working with a lawyer can help you negotiate better terms and arrangements.

Can they attack my bank account?

Yes, credit card companies can go after funds in your bank account.