Can my car be repossessed?

If you fall behind in car payments, the lender or bank can repossess the property.  The process gives the bank legal ownership of the car.

Can we stop repossession?

Absolutely.  If you fear your car will be repossessed, talk with us about your available options.  In the majority of situations, we can determine a financial solution that will retain your property and help you out of debt.

Can the bank repossess my car without taking me to court?

Unfortunately, this is a consequence of not making regular payments.  When you bought your car on loan, the car itself was the collateral.  In most states, a court order is not required before a bank or lender can take the car back.

What are my options if I face repossession of my car?

The quicker you talk with our competent attorney, the more options you’ll have available to relieve you of your debt.  There are a number of solutions that we can review to ease the burden of debt and car repossession.

How long before my car is repossessed?

This varies based on the lender or bank.  We can help you navigate your options with your creditor to avoid repossession.

Do I have to pay the deficiency/difference?

Typically, yes. To avoid having your car repossessed, you must bring your account current.  Working with a competent attorney who specializes in Debt Assistance can help you find a reasonable solution that will help you pay off your debt.