At Matthew J. Martin Law, we care about you and your family’s well-being.  Whether you are facing divorce, child custody issues, or in need of support for your Family Law case, you don’t have to navigate the emotional waters of the situation alone.  Our experience in helping clients through bankruptcies and debt assistance needs ensure your well-being is a priority.  Each case is unique and treated as such.  Your matters will be handled discretely, compassionately, and intelligently so you can have the case outcome you seek.

How long will my case take?

Family Law and Debt Assistance cases range in length.  Contributing factors to the longevity involve availability, number of issues to be resolved, and how quickly necessary documents can be obtained?

Why does the process take SO long?

Cases often take far longer than either party expects or wants. Judges, court staff, and lawyers are working on a variety of cases at any given time.  Unfortunately, the understaffed and underfunded majority of Family Courts in Massachusetts means a backlog of cases waiting to be heard.

The more work that can be done to resolve at least some matters in a case is a good way to make sure the case will make its way through the system as quickly as possible.

Will I have to talk in court?

If you choose to represent yourself, you are held to the same standards as an attorney. You will be expected to follow the rules of procedure and evidence in dealing with the court and presenting your evidence.  If you choose to have an attorney, the attorney will do all or nearly all of the talking for you.

Will hiring an attorney make my case go faster?

An attorney doesn’t have the ability to get your case scheduled any faster.  However, the more work that can be handled with your attorney to resolve most issues out of court is a great way to ensure your case will get through the court system as quickly as possible