The law office of Matthew J. Martin takes pride in the ability to represent clients in any capacity of the law process in order to structure financial obligations to clients’ needs and their payment ability.  Limited assistance representation allows legal services to be provided as deemed necessary by the client.  LAR is offered only by knowledgeable attorneys who have obtained the special training required for participation of this program.

Limited assistance representation helps clients obtain the legal guidance they need at an affordable cost.  Our experience in Family Law and Bankruptcy allows us to unbundle legal services.  We can guide you through the steps necessary for your case and discuss what items you can handle yourself and in which issues you’d prefer legal representation.  This advisory-style role can reduce attorney fees while ensuring you are still receiving the knowledgeable advice of a competent lawyer.

When considering limited assistance representation it is important to understand the risks of the arrangement.  Limited representation can carry similar risks to solely representing yourself.  Lack of legal knowledge and the consequences of misstating your case may have dire effects and outcomes.  As an attorney specializing in Family Law and Bankruptcy, we take steps to minimize those risks and to ensure your case is addressed in the best possible way for your situation.