About Us

Matthew Martin is an attorney and counselor at law focusing on Family Law and Debt Assistance.  At Matthew J. Martin Law, we are committed to providing the best legal guidance and services in Massachusetts, Maine, and New Hampshire.  Let us be your advocate if you are in need of legal representation; we strive for the best outcomes for your well-being and personal situation.

The law can be complex and emotional.  The case dedication and legal knowledge we offer allows you peace of mind and reassurance that your legal needs are met with the utmost care.

Licensed ME, NH, MA

Matthew Martin believes a lawyer should be reachable, compassionate, and caring; and offers a free initial consultation when you are in need of legal representation.  We take pride in advocating for your rights and treat every case with the attention and determination it deserves.  Call Matthew direct at 978-578-1160 for any of your Family Law or Debt Assistance legal matters.

Si necesitas servicios en español, contacta abogado Matt a 978-578-1160.


Family Law

Family law cases such as divorce, child custody, and child support are often filled with strong emotions and overwhelming guidelines.  The guidance of a knowledgeable divorce lawyer in Massachusetts can help you navigate the system.  The law office of Matthew J. Martin provides affordable legal representation and services to our clients, advocating for your rights.  We work diligently to reach the best possible outcome for you and your family; not just for the immediate future, but to every situation that may arise long-term.


Debt Assistance

Life events, death, credit card debt, or a loss of income can make filing bankruptcy a necessity.  At Matthew J. Martin Law, we help individuals and families that are experiencing tough financial situations.  With a clear understanding of bankruptcy law and years of experience, we can help you navigate your way to debt relief.  Personal bankruptcy in Massachusetts and the surrounding area can be beneficial to silence your creditors and eliminate your debt.